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The Educativo Bienal

Down through the years, the work of the Bienal de São Paulo Foundation’s Educational Department – Educativo Bienal – has stood out for its inventiveness and experimentation with an intense, long and isochronal life. The educational programs that emerged under different administrations and approaches have contributed to the professional formation of a lot of people working in the arts today, among historians, educators, curators, artists, art critics, architects, and gallery-owners.

In June this year, to celebrate thirty editions of the Bienal and pay tribute to all those who collaborated in some way and whose experience we hope to preserve in memory, the Educativo Bienal, in partnership with SESC, held the seminar Art in Time at SESC Belenzinho, São Paulo.

Revisiting developments in the teaching of art and art history at the Bienal revealed new ways of approaching non-formal education through strategies of continuity and rupture. The Artist and Educator Paulo Portella, who mediated the three roundtable discussions at the seminar, defined the encounters as “a journey into the future”.

The process of inventing and reconstructing history, bringing past experience back to life, has a direct relationship with the curatorial propositions the Bienal wants to activate and they present the Educativo Bienal with the possibility of revisiting a range of actions. The curatorship of the Educational Program today is that of a studio, a laboratory of ideas, perceptions, risks, with clear intentions, along a path that is laid step by step: a learning curve driven by awareness of experience. With a team of Artists, Educators, Poets, Dancers, Photographers, Curators and Filmmakers, the Educativo Bienal pursues its laboratorial work by studying, planning and being ever-ready for the here-and-now. The guided tours are also considered workshops: laboratory spaces for contact with art, in an alternacy of protagonism between works, publics and Educators.

Continuing its actions this year, the Educativo Bienal proposes further possibilities for encounters and extended conversations: Bienal Educational Service, Bienal at School, community actions, and publications (check our website for details:

Educational work is wrought of finer points, of human relationships, of dialogue in the presence of art. This means it is essential that we work with tools that allow us to deconstruct what has grown stale and dynamize the material of thought, activating the body as the instrument of new thinking.

Stela Barbieri
Curator of Educativo Bienal