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Letter from the President

The evolution of Bienal de São Paulo, the biggest art event in Brazil and one which figures among the big events in the international arts circuit, is intertwined with the history of art in the second half of the 20th century. Furthermore, over the course of its 60-years of existence and uninterrupted run of exhibitions, Bienal established successive connections between experiences of movements, artists and works from Brazil and abroad, and has been, without a doubt, a determining element in the history of Brazilian art.

A year after the successful 30th Bienal, Fundação Bienal has dedicated itself to a meticulous examination of this historical process. The exhibition 30 × Bienal – Transformations in Brazilian art from the 1st to 30th edition, which we have the pleasure of presenting to you, seeks to investigate, in the present, what curator Paulo Venancio Filho calls "the modern and contemporary Brazilian tradition." Featuring 222 works by 111 Brazilian artists that were previously presented at the event, 30 × Bienal follows an extensive panorama of the principal axes of national artistic production, ranging from Geometric Abstraction to Concrete Art, from Pop Art to the conceptual generation and the reflections of these developments on the production of contemporary artists. By incorporating valuable items from the Arquivo Bienal collection, the exhibition is also framed as an opportunity for the public to have contact with some of the rare pieces that belong to Fundação Bienal.

We also cannot neglect to mention the impact that Bienal’s activities go beyond the borders of art and influence other areas in equally positive ways, notably in the field of education. Throughout its six decades of operations, Bienal has trained thousands of educators and teachers, whose passionate work and dedication have helped to transform art education in the country. In the economic realm, we must always recognize its role as stimulus in creating other centers of art and consolidating a vigorous market, which drives an extensive chain of service related to culture and knowledge.

The realization of 30 × Bienal was made possible thanks to support from the Ministry of Culture, the Secretaries of Education and Culture of the State of São Paulo and the City of São Paulo, as well as the participation of sponsors such as Itaú, Instituto Votorantim and Sabesp.

Luis Terepins
President of Fundação Bienal de São Paulo